COHUI is a professional supplier specializing in R&D, manufacturing and sales of adhesives and sealants. Since its inception, COHUI has always adhered to independent innovation, constantly adapting to customer production processes, continuously improving the applicability of products, and providing customers with suitable solutions for each customer and a complete range of adhesive and sealing solutions for a wide range of production processes and fields.

  01 artificial stone adhesive  

COHUI series artificial stone adhesive is the largest manufacturer in China, and is the only company in China that has passed food grade certification.

  02 Industrial adhesives  

With its superior quality, widely recognized by home appliances manufacturing, sports equipment, automobile manufacturing, microelectronics and other industries.

  03 Tool Accessories  

Provide high-quality, cost-effective supporting tools and services.

  04 New Building Materials  

Beauty seam, house decorative anti-mildew  adhesive.

Other new decorative adhesives and sealants.

Joint Adhesive (Seaming Adhesive)

Independent research and development production, with core technology, the products are exported to more than 30 countries, and have been recognized by DuPont, Samsung, LG, Europe and other customers, and maintain long-term cooperation with them.

Acquired the "Best of the Artificial Stone Industry in China" by the China Artificial Stone Association (Top)


The products are applied to the seamless splicing of solid surface and quartz stone, and the products are used in many large-scale engineering and home improvement projects in China.

Beauty Seam Sealant

China first invented the two-component gun-type epoxy beauty agent, the earliest research and development of water-based epoxy sealant, the product is used in large-scale engineering and home improvement projects.

Anti-mildew technology

COHUI has mastered the top-of-the-line kitchen and anti-mold technology and works closely with many large companies.

Industrial electronic adhesive

COHUI industrial electronic adhesives are used in mobile electronic devices, automotive electronics, home appliances, elevators, sports equipment, medical materials and other fields.

Market possession

COHUI has long-term cooperation with Midea, Foxconn, Huawei, BYD, Flextronics and other companies.


In addition to providing adhesives, we also provide tools for sizing, such as glue guns, dispensing equipment, etc.


We offer consumables such as mixers and needles for dispensing.