Grazers: A Cooperative Story

A Film by Sarah Teale and Lisa F. Jackson

read and Watch profiles of our farmers to hear about their stories. more profiles are at adirondack grazers website.


Dave Brown at Long View Hill Farm

Dave Brown is the third generation on his farm. Like many of the other Adirondack Grazers’ member farms, Dave’s farm was also originally a dairy farm before it switched over to beef production.  Dave initially bought his beef cattle to help him maintain his pastures by chewing down the grass. His hands-on approach to caring for his herd and his consistent efforts to provide his cattle with first-class, nutritive grassland ensures the high quality of Long View Hill Farm’s beef. 



Located in Washington County, New York, White Clover Farm is a 125-acre farm dedicated to practicing responsible, humane, and environmentally sound livestock management. White Clover Farm also started as a dairy farm but transitioned to beef when they couldn't continue the dairy farm anymore. As a small family farm Remus Preda and Lisa Randles are committed to providing their customers with the best quality product. 


Steve Reid at Reid Farm

Steve Reid began to buy parcels of land and eventually started a full-time dairy operation. He purchased his first beef cows to help take care of his farm’s dairy waste feed—to eat the hay that his dairy cows wouldn’t eat. From a herd of 8 cows to a herd of 200, Reid Farm now sells excellent grain-finished beef. Steve gives his animals unrestricted access to his pastureland, and he prides himself on the care he invests in his herd to ensure a high-quality product. 



Larson Farm & Morningside Stables is located in Wells, Vermont. It was started by Richard and Cynthia Larson in 1977 as a large commercial dairy and has since switched over to grass-fed beef production. Larson Farm & Morningside Stables currently offers fresh, healthy food to the community.  The farm provides milk, pasture-raised golden-yolked eggs from hens fed organic, non-GMO grain along with the grass and insects they forage themselves, in addition to grass-fed beef.


Gordon Chaplin and Sarah Teale at rosie's beef llc (burchland farm and emsig farm)

Located in Granville, New York, Rosie’s Beef LLC. was started by Gordon Chaplin and Sarah Teale, and is named for their five-year-old daughter, Rosie.  Sarah and Gordon started Rosie’s Beef with their neighbor Duane Burch, a fifth generation farmer, when they recognized the importance of supplying high quality grass-fed beef to consumers in the country and city, for the sake of the animals, the land, the farmers, and customers. Rosie’s Beef has been at the forefront of the Adirondack Grazers’ Cooperative movement. The farm is Animal Welfare Association (AWA) approved.

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